Your problems will all be the same.

The things that send people through my door are not always (to the outside world) the huge things, but often an accumulation of things, sometimes across a lifetime.

I’ve seen a client this morning who I last saw about 15 years ago. The problem that’s driven her through my (virtual) door, sounds like a different one from 15 years ago, but it’s the same core issue disguised as something else.

Low self-esteem, trust issues, and anxiety, are the core issues I hear about most often. What could start off as a relationship problem, can manifest as a work issue, only to turn into a long-standing health issue. Seemingly different problems, but all with the same underlying belief.

It’s not always our issues that create the most hurt, but the way we deal with them that’s the problem; avoidance, isolating ourselves, anger, drinking, affairs, etc, etc.

Nearly 30 years later, I’ve built up the experience that enables me to identify patterns.

I notice that people carry the same issues throughout their life, that build up across the years. It makes it easier to know what the issues are but changing something that’s written in stone on your heart, takes a bit of work.

A bit of work, and a bit of money (to go privately). As with everything, it’s all about balancing the amount of chaos and unhappiness your ‘stuff’ (we all have it) creates vs the motivation to change.