You may not believe this…

I know some of you may struggle to believe this, but I’ve sometimes been called difficult!

I say this with a wry smile, because now my age begins with a ‘5,’ I’m starting to enjoy being ‘difficult’.

I’ve recently come back from some time in Portugal with my significant other.

We had a lovely lunch in Fuseta with an ex-boyfriend who’s moved over there. The boys of course, use this as a great opportunity to put their heads together, and come up with anecdotes about how ‘difficult’ I can be.

All accompanied by them quaffing quantities of wine and laughing a lot.

To be fair, I can laugh at myself, and they were funny. I waited until they’d run out of steam and were starting to wonder if they’d pushed things too far and may be walking home (I was driving).

I waited until their bromance subsided to deliver my line……..

Strong women aren’t difficult, they have standards and boundaries.

I now consider being labelled ‘difficult’ as a badge of honour. It usually means that I’ve just firmly pushed all 6.2” of you, back over my boundary where you belong. All without breaking a sweat.

I watch what goes on in the media and how the social landscape is changing (and rightly so). Our world is becoming a less patriarchal society. I sometimes distance myself from the title of being a feminist because I see women use this label and take things too far.

Let’s stop labelling boundaries, assertiveness and self-esteem as being a positive attribute for men and a negative one for women.

…….and if you do find yourself labelled as ‘difficult’ enjoy knowing your own strength.