Top tips to handle intrusive thoughts…

There’s a huge difference between worry thoughts and intrusive thoughts. If you have a worry thought about not being able to pay your bills and ending up homeless, that is a worry thought rather than an intrusive one.

There is however an overlap between intrusive thoughts and worry thoughts as they often happen to people who overthink.

My top tips for intrusive thoughts, also work for worry thoughts;

  • Don’t try to push the thoughts out or avoid thinking about them. As soon as you try not to think…the thoughts get worse.
  • Accept these random thoughts as just being ‘mind noise’.
  • We have complete control over what we choose to do and think. I know it doesn’t feel like this for you now, but you do.
  • Change how you respond to these thoughts. Try different responses until you find one that helps. Distraction is always a useful strategy.
  • Don’t give these thoughts power of you. These thoughts are only brain chatter, so don’t act on them.


Remember, that you are not what you think you are.