Toothache Anxiety

There are a set of anxiety symptoms that I call ‘toothache anxiety.’

Whatever group of symptoms you run in the background; they’ll feel a bit like toothache.

Sometimes, you’re well aware of them, and at other times, you’ll be a bit distracted, and they may fade into the background a bit. But they’re always there.

Things you may be familiar with are stomach churning, heart palpitations and sweaty palms. Other symptoms like dizziness, feeling short of breath, nausea and jelly legs, may come and go.

The toothache kinda anxiety is maintained by constant levels of tension and fear (anxiety).

The symptoms that come and go are a result of the varying intensity of fear and anxiety.

I often describe the varying levels of anxiety as being like turning the volume up and down on anxiety. If something sharply turns the volume up on fear (anxiety), you can feel suddenly disorientated.

There are slightly different ways of dealing with these different types of symptoms.

The toothache type of anxiety that’s always there in the background needs a set of tools and techniques like the ones in the Fearless Female anxiety workbook. These techniques will turn down the volume on your overall anxiety and also help with the symptoms that come and go.