Expert tips to overcome morning anxiety…

Morning anxiety… 

That horrible anxiety that grabs hold of you as soon as your eyes are open and threatens to ruin your day.

These are my top tips to overcome it:

Get up

The most important thing you can do with morning anxiety is to get up as soon as you open your eyes. Break this down to a small chunk rather than making it the whole routine of getting up, getting in the shower etc.

Just put your feet on the floor.

I tell clients not to make getting up feel overwhelming. Just think about it as putting your feet on the floor. There’s something very grounding about putting your bare feet on the floor (carpet?). Think about what you feel with your feet; the contact with the floor, the parts of the floor that connect, how your feet carry you forwards through the day.

Staying in bed feeds anxiety so just swing your legs out of bed and feel your feet on the ground.

Demand rather than suggest

Anxiety makes everything such hard work and getting up in the morning is no exception. I can hear some of shouting that your body just doesn’t function very well, first thing in the morning. Remember that your brain is the command centre, not the suggestion box……..

Command it.

Don’t whisper politely or subtlety request; this is the time to go fully fearless female and demand your brain tells your body to put your feet on the floor, now.

I fully appreciate that the first morning you turn into the fearless female I know you are, you’ll feel rubbish. Every single day, this will get easier. Promise.

That 4am feeling

If you run anxiety, I suspect you may wake up at 4am and then wonder what to do? Do you lie there trying to get back to sleep, do you get up and try and find that mindfulness thing, do you take another sleeping tablet (herbal or prescription)?

Sleep research tells us that if there’s a chance of you falling back to sleep, do that. If you know you’re wide awake and nothing will send you back to sleep, get up and start your day.

Change your view

I know you all feel safer with the familiar, but it can also keep you stuck. Have a change around of your room, may help to shift the stuckness of morning anxiety.

Move your bed to a different place, so you see something different as you open your eyes. Maybe redecorate in a totally different way. Embrace change, it may be one of the layers of things that shifts anxiety for you.