Things you won’t find on Google about anxiety…

Have you ever read a book or watched a film and realised that you have no idea what just happened?

Could it be that you were immersed in the inner chatter going on in your head. I describe this as sitting in your head.

Sitting in your head is when we’re totally immersed in our heads and that inner voice, we all have.

The problem in anxiety is that we sit in our heads too much and pay far too much attention to the chatter that goes on in there. Anxiety often negatively skews the chatter, so not only are we sweating the small stuff, but we’re also catastrophising everything too.

Maybe it’s time to use that inner voice to work for you rather than against you?

Distanced self-talk is when you step outside the chatter and get more of a perspective on what the chatter is saying.

I’ve always got 10 things I’m working on simultaneously and s get easily distracted; I regularly say “Wendy, get on with it.” This helps me step outside of my brain chatter and look at the bigger picture. Using my name is always powerful, especially when talking to yourself. Medics always use your name because even when we’re unconscious, our brains focus on our name.

Are you an immerser or a distancer and does this work for you or against you?

Do you need to practice being more distance from your brain chatter to get a better perspective on things?

Think about thoughts as our brains output, and remember that our brain is the control centre so thoughts are hugely important to how we feel.