Things you may not know…

As an anxiety specialist psychologist, I find myself torn between a fascination of the complexities of anxiety, and being angry that it blights so many lives.

Clients often describe their anxiety to me in a way that I’ve heard hundreds (if not thousands) of times before, but I still (25 years later) think ‘wow, it’s incredible how the brain works’.

Yup, I’m a bit of a nerd, a brain anorak, about all thing’s psychology, but especially anxiety.

This fascination means I’m a bit obsessive about anxiety and most importantly for you, how to overcome it.

How your anxiety works, gives me information about how to stop it for you; if you’ve bought any of my Fearless Female solutions, it’s an important thing to find out for yourself.

Knowledge is definitely power.

Remember that anxiety is your brain’s way of trying to protect you from danger. The brain becomes hypersensitive (a bit of a drama queen) and tries hard to keep you safe. The feelings you get when you’re anxious mean that you shrink your world; you do less and less, and avoid doing certain things that may make you feel more anxious.

This is a result for your brain, the less you do, the safer you’ll be.

The things that produce most anxiety for you, are the areas where your vulnerabilities are. If you’re socially anxious, you’re worried about being criticised and getting things wrong, if you have OCD, you’re worried about stopping terrible things happening…….and so on………. To keep you safe, anxiety will pick on the areas you feel most vulnerable in so that it creates maximum impact, to stop you in your tracks.

Pay attention to the vulnerabilities your anxiety picks on and work on building these areas.

For example, if you’re socially anxious, practise being around people; if you have health anxiety, increase your sense of wellbeing by thinking about your fitness and nutrition.