“A life free from anxiety, stress and worry with no pills and no NHS waiting list? You must be joking” …I’m not.

As a leading, award winning Psychologist and Female Mental Health Expert, let me tell you, I’m not joking one bit.

And in me, you’ve just found the person who will help you live your life free from anxiety, worry and stress without the need to swallow one more pill. Ever.

Now, if you don’t mind, this isn’t about me, so I’d like to try and understand you more…

Because to you, anxiety, stress and worry means something very different to what your friend may say about the kids stressing her out.

Anxiety to you is being unable to leave your house for fear of being judged on your looks, intelligence, ability to be you, even your HUMOUR, for God’s sake.

A panic attack for you is not brought on by the sight of a messy bedroom, but the constant suppression of worry, that lays dormant under the surface, then bubbles and explodes like tomato soup left too long in the microwave.

And confidence and self-esteem? Well, it goes a lot deeper than people ignoring your texts.

And this is how it plays out…

So, you feign another headache to get out of your colleague’s birthday party at Cote.

Your childcare has “fallen through at the last minute” on the night of your friend’s divorce drinks.

You argue with your partner over the tiniest of things. He wants to help, but he just doesn’t know how.

And you succumb to believing it’s just easier to be alone at home.

There’s no need to pretend to be happy at home.

No need to analyze everything said.

Out of peoples’ way.

With the constant worry on loop replay in your head.

Thinking that avoiding things will stop the gnawing anxiety you feel.

Yes. Better at home.

Until it isn’t.

Because you and I know that anxiety, stress and self-doubt know no boundaries and waltz uninvited where ever they want.

So, you let it sit there. In your house. In your head, unable to show it the door.

Until now.

Let me, right now, assure you of 3 things:

  • Thing #1: You are normal. Anxiety, stress and depression are normal. God awful. But normal.
  • Thing #2: They are NOT mood-states you have to put up with, though. You can actually STOP them. WITHOUT TAKING MIND-NUMBING PILLS.
  • Thing #3: I can stop it for you.

“Wendy’s methods have helped me take on the world. I bounce out of every session. Incredible woman.”

You’ve already made the hardest decision in your life: to like yourself again. To like yourself, to find yourself funny.

To be able to go out for cocktails with your friends without constantly worrying if you’re being interesting enough.

(I know. I know you just cringed whilst reading that)

Let me tell you, you’re here, and so am I. 

You found me. And I am here for you.