Speak kindly to yourself…

Is that voice in your head your harshest critic?

Does the voice in your head say things you’d never, ever say to anyone else?

Research tells us that what we say to ourselves (in our head) has a significant impact on our mental health.

If you’re constantly judging yourself, putting yourself down, and criticising your efforts, you’ll eventually start to believe that these things are true. We’re all self-fulfilling prophecies, You are what you think you are.

  • This type of thinking is habitual and the first part of breaking a habit is to catch yourself doing it.
  • Write down what you’ve just told yourself.
  • Answer the voice as if you’ve just heard a friend say this about themselves………….
  • Write down the answer, this makes your brain recognise it more.
  • “I’m not going to ask them to explain because they may notice how stupid I am”
  • What would you tell your friend?

Challenge that mean-girl voice in your head, every time you hear it and keep doing it until you beat the bully.

Clients tell me how surprised they are at how much better they feel. Repetition is the secret here to stop the habit.