Simple rules…

Do my rules for overcoming anxiety seem too simple?

Anxiety is so debilitating, it often feels like you need something heavy duty to solve it. It never matters how badly or how long you’ve suffered with anxiety, the rules always stay the same.

Everyone who struggles with anxiety will possibly be making anxiety far worse by doing the opposite of the ‘rules.’

  • Rather than standing toe to toe with anxiety, I suspect you may run away.
  • You may still be fighting the fact you have anxiety, rather than accepting it.
  • You will probably investigate every thought that floats through your mind rather than letting it go past.
  • Rather than letting time pass, you may be impatient to get to the other side of things.


Remember the rules……..

  • Never let anxiety bully you, it’s just a feeling and will pass.
  • Accept that you will feel this way for the moment
  • Let negative thoughts. float through your mind like clouds in the sky.
  • Be present rather than pushing time.