Secret Anxiety Fixes…

I’ve noticed a few comments in the Fearless Female Facebook group and on my social media recently. They all seem to go a bit like this:

  • If only I knew a way to fix this
  • What can I do that actually works?
  • I’ve tried everything and I still feel anxious
  • That sounds like me, it’s terrible
  • I’ve had anxiety, forever

There are some tried and tested ways to overcome anxiety that work.

I overcame anxiety myself (over 30 years ago) and have made a career out of helping others do the same.

I’m going to make a pretty bold statement here and say that I can sort out every type of anxiety………I’m that confident!

The question I ask myself is why are YOU still struggling with it?

These are the reasons I came up with:

  • It takes work to overcome anxiety and some fall at the first hurdle and would rather look for a quick fix
  • Anxiety is debilitating so you don’t always have the extra time/energy it takes to do the exercises
  • Some think that medication will fix it. It can help, but never fixes it
  • You may have tried ‘other stuff’ which hasn’t worked so believe you’re stuck with it
  • Your mindset. If you think you’re stuck with it, you will be
  • If you don’t believe something will work, why would you risk paying for it?
  • Surely the NHS should give me these solutions. Good luck with the 18 month waiting list and not being allocated to a support group
  • Anxiety comes in peaks and troughs. Sometimes it’s terrible, and other times it’s bearable. When it’s ok you pretty much ignore it; when it’s bad, you feel too anxious to do anything about it. You stay stuck in this cycled for life

I’ll explain the things you can do that work……..

Medication is useful if you’re struggling to function. But, please note this will not fix anxiety, just help to turn it down a little.

My Help Cards are exactly that. They will help you in that moment to get things done, and not allow anxiety to stop you doing things. This will help you feel more confident and in-control on a day-to-day basis. The Help Cards, like medication won’t stop the anxiety, but they will definitely help.

Challenging thoughts, changing behaviour, and learning how to manage your mind are the only things that will overcome anxiety for ever. My workbook and journal contain all the information you need learn how to do this. It takes a bit of graft, not lots, but a little. This has been scientifically proven to work. It’s not based on woo woo magic and you don’t have to take my word for it. I haven’t made these things up, they’re tried, tested and proven.

I come back to the question that’s always on my mind…….why are you still struggling with anxiety?

It’s easier to change behaviour because it’s about doing something differently. Anything about overthinking, negative thoughts or cognitive stuff is much more difficult, which got me thinking (no pun intended!)……………

What can I come up with that could well be a gamechanger?

Something that maybe isn’t out there anywhere and doesn’t take lots of work and effort. Something that will make a HUGE and positive difference to your thoughts.

……..keep checking in as I work on things. I may need your help in designing and testing this. It’s very exciting.