Is it physical or psychological?

So many people confuse physical symptoms with emotional or psychological ones.


  • A sleeping problem can be depression, but it’s easier to tell yourself (and others) that you struggle with insomnia.
  • Hands up who’s thought constant fatigue was the symptom of a health problem rather than stress or anxiety?
  • Maybe the constant headaches are symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression rather than hormonal problems?


It’s too easy, and more acceptable to think that physical symptoms are just that, a physical problem.

Remember that there’s no cut off switch below the neck and that the brain is doing its job by sending you physical cues that something needs dealing with psychologically.

We feel panic attacks physically, but they’re the brains way of pressing the emergency button.

This one’s really controversial, but the protocol for treating fibromyalgia is the same as the one for depression.

The pain you feel in fibromyalgia is real, but is the source physical or psychological?

Next time you’re using Dr Google to diagnose something physical, ask yourself some questions about the source.

Perhaps you’re treating the symptoms rather than the cause?

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