Perfectly Imperfect…

What does perfection look like?

If perfection is used positively, you’ll be goal-driven and motivated with a (seemingly) strong sense of focus.

If you use perfectionism negatively, you will set internal standards for yourself that are impossible to achieve, which will leave you feeling disappointed (in yourself). You’ll not only evaluate yourself negatively, but you’ll also be critical of others (without meaning to be).

All resulting in low self-esteem, driven by unattainable goals and a fear of failure. This fear of failure may lead to procrastination. If you don’t do something, it can’t be judged…..right?!


So how does anxiety and perfectionism fit together?

OCD, social anxiety and panic attacks often have an element of perfectionism. 

  • OCD is around conforming, either by thoughts or behaviour
  • Social anxiety is the fear of being judged as imperfect
  • Panic attacks can be brought on by worrying about having one (and being seen as imperfect)


Head over to my resources page where there is an exercise which will help turn perfectionism down a few notches.