People DO like you…

Are you somebody that has a sneaking suspicion that people don’t like you?

Maybe you don’t feel it all the time, but it’s there, just waiting to creep up and ruin your day.

Feeling that people don’t like you or that you’re somehow unlikeable is a really common theme for anxiety sufferers.

When questioned about this, the evidence is always spurious……..

“People cut me off mid-sentence”.

“People think I’m boring and aren’t interested in anything I say”.

“People look at me in a certain way, I notice it and go red, and it gets worse from there”.

There’s nothing tangible or solid in the evidence people come up with. It’s all about the opinion of an anxious mind, trying to create evidence so that it can hold on to a belief.

It often comes down to a belief that everyone is judging you and that judgement is always negative.

When you find out how to overcome anxiety, your brain will start to find evidence against this belief.

You will find proof that people like you.