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Maybe you don’t actively feel anxious (yet) but are aware you overthink. Overthinking can often be the start of anxiety. Possibly you overthink because you’re already anxious.

One of the most important things to overcome anxiety and overthinking is by learning how it fits together for you. Most importantly, it’s about taking this information and using it to find a solution.

Think of anxiety and overthinking as being like a puzzle. To help you overcome overthinking, I need to show you how to how to solve the puzzle. The parts of the puzzle are made up of:

  • What you think 
  • What you feel
  • How you behave (what you do)


One of the easiest ways to solve the puzzle is by changing your thoughts.

I know, that in more rational moments, you absolutely know the thoughts aren’t always reality.  If I show you how to stop that negative voice in your head, you’ll be able to stop anxiety and over thinking from blighting your life.

In this 40 minute video I talk about tackling negative thoughts (overthinking). Do you spend hours churning a thought over and over in your mind and always coming up with the worst case scenario?

This video looks at how to change that and tackle these thoughts; how to pick them up, put them in the dock and cross-examine them:

  • What evidence do you have for thinking worse case scenario?
  • What evidence have you got that it could be something different?
  • What would somebody else think about it?


If you can learn to balance out your negative thoughts you won’t feel the negativity, and then the thoughts won’t trigger anxiety.

This skill is easy to learn and is the tried and trusted best way to stop over-thinking and anxiety.

The video and resources provide you with a dot-to-dot in how to challenge and overcome your negative thoughts.

What’s Included:

  • 40 minute video
  • 8  Practical Resources that guide you step-by-step, so you can take what I talk to you about and put it into action. Its only by putting things into action that you create change

Download my overthinking resources here:

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