Thank you for purchasing my guide to  ‘Overcoming Christmas Overwhelm’ 

You are not alone, the Christmas and New Year period is an overwhelming time of year, and you have taken the best step in learning how to overcome the Christmas overwhelm.

I’ve written a series of 3 videos for you, that will show you exactly how to:
  • Not feel totally overwhelmed by the stress of Christmas.
  • How to prioritise the things that will make Christmas a happy time and offload the things that really don’t matter.
  • How to make the right decisions about Christmas.
  • How to not find yourself saying yes, when you’d really like to say no.
  • How to only do the things you want to do and ‘nicely’ side-step the things you don’t want to.
  • How to fit everything in AND get the rest and relaxation you desperately need.
  • How to start 2024 feeling like you’ve had a great Christmas and are ready to have the best year yet.

You may have already seen the first video below which runs through how you are feeling, and exactly what videos 2 and 3 will cover. Grab yourself a cuppa and discover how to overcome Christmas overwhelm.

Video 2 – The Spheres of personal control

In this video I talk you through an exercise called ‘The Spheres of Personal Control’ which looks at things you can and can’t control. You usually hit overwhelm because you’re trying to control too many things. This exercise helps you understand what you can control and learning to let go of the things you can’t control. For example, a relative causing uproar at Christmas lunch.

Listen to my video and have a go at the ‘Spheres of Personal Control’ resource by clicking on the green button below the video. I have also included the completed example I run through with you in my video. Both of these resources will also be attached to the email sent out to you when completing the purchase of the guide.

Video 3 – The hope map

In this video I talk through the exercise called ‘The Hope Map’. I run through how to feel motivated and positive and to get into the headspace to create the changes you need and how to make them permanent.

Once you’re past the overwhelm of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, let me help you take control of this time between Christmas and New Year to make the changes you want to make happen for 2024.

Download the ‘Hope Map’ resource below this video by clicking on the green button and start to complete it. I have also included the completed version I run through with you in my video as well for you to have a look at.

Once again, thank you for downloading my guide to ‘Overcoming Christmas Overwhelm’ and I really believe these hints, tips and resources will ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. And remember, these are tools for life, not just for the Christmas and New Year period. 

As always, if you have any questions, please drop me an email or comment over in my Facebook group or on social media.

Do keep an eye out for more Fearless Female resources becoming available soon over on my website.