3 ways to navigate our feelings about the war…

The last couple of years have been more uncertain than ever before. We’ve coped with covid and lockdown, and collectively we’ve all started to become more optimistic about the end in sight.

Now we’re living with a huge increase in the cost of living, and full-on war in a country that feels on our doorstep.

We live in a time when there’s a story in the news about war most days. War has previously seemed a long, long way away from our shores, both in proximity and culture. Many of us have Russian and Ukrainian friends, and this war is in Europe. The war in Ukraine seems far more real for us all in the UK.

If you’re feeling more anxious, you’re not alone.

These are my top 3 ways to navigate the world right now:

Take back control

Control has become such a negative idea, when in fact, we all like to feel in-control of our world and driving the bus of destiny. How in-control are you feeling at the moment, not of the bigger things, but the day-to-day stuff? If you need a way to take back control, you could try using a guided journal that will make you more accountable (to yourself) and stop any procrastination.


Make the decision

If there’s anything you need to make a decision about, now is the time. Avoiding decisions can lead to us feeling stuck, low and anxious. Draw up a pros and cons list, debate it with a trusted friend, but make a decision. We’re all guilty of ‘kicking things into the long grass’ and invariably fate makes the decision for us (see taking control, above). 

Stop feeding it

If you’re reading lots of things about the war, price increases and imminent doom and gloom…..STOP. Limit yourself to one reliable source per day and stick to it. Nobody needs to read every bit of news or watch every news bulletin. This isn’t educating yourself, it’s traumatising yourself. Step away.