Morning anxiety…

Anxiety in the morning is common and deserves special attention.

It’s usual for people with anxiety to feel better as the day goes on (plenty of distraction) and by the evening, start to feel hopeful about the next day being better…..and then…..

You wake up with the familiar feelings of anxiety again. Your own, personal Groundhog Day.

It’s just so disappointing to got to bed feeling optimistic about the next day being better (because you feel a little less anxious) and wake up the next morning with the same old stomach churn, depression and overwhelming need to hide under the duvet and not face the day.

The problem with being asleep is that your brain can’t defend you against anxiety.

Anxiety is left to it’s own devices as you sleep, so the minute your eyes open, it hits you with full force.

When I hear clients tell me that they are waking up thinking that the world isn’t such a bad place, I know they’re well on the way to recovery.

I totally get how difficult morning anxiety is, but don’t believe what it wants you to think. A difficult morning does not have to turn into a difficult day.