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I’m assuming that reading this wasn’t by accident. You’ve landed here because there are things you’d like to change, right? I’m all about creating change, so you’re definitely in the right place.

Please allow me to introduce myself………

I’m Wendy Dignan and I’m a psychologist. Actually, after a couple of glasses of wine, on a good day, when I’m in ‘confident work mode’ …………I’m an award winning, published psychologist who’s spent a lifetime working with high profile people and specialise in helping women with anxiety.

I know what it’s like to struggle with anxiety.


Low mood and poor self-esteem. Have a read of my story on the website (www.FearlessFemale.co.uk) and most importantly (for you), how to overcome it. I understand these problems from a personal perspective but also from being able to teach other women how to overcome them. Kick them to the kerb. Get rid of it. Wave bye to them for good.

The Fearless Female courses and materials are designed around one thing; helping you to overcome problems. I’m a scientist, not a self-proclaimed guru, or an influencer, so all the materials are based on what works. So many things I see online claiming to be solutions, are really just descriptions of the problem. I’m in the business of solutions, and solutions that are quick, easy and affordable for everyone. All the solutions I offer are based on the latest evidence. If a new technique or tool is out there that works, We’ll update the course.

Who is this journal for?

Do you suffer from anxiety, overthinking, low-mood, low self-esteem, stress and worry or just feel that your life isn’t what it should be? Are you overburdened and overwhelmed by responsibilities or exhausted, stressed out, maybe even panic-stricken by all your commitments? Maybe you just avoid life and everything it entails and realise this isn’t how it should be?

Congratulations (well, sort of!). This journal is for you.

There is such great feedback about the Fearless Female journal that we decided to make it available separately. The exercises and format of the journal are for anyone who wants to make changes to become the best and happiest version of themselves.


How to use it

Think of this journal as a way to get your head back on straight. To find out how to get out of your own way so you can spend more time doing the things you really care about and feeling like you’re winning at life.

I’m about to guide you through a series of practical exercises and tools to help you change what you need, to get what you want.

Basically, this journal will free you from the stuff you think you SHOULD be doing, so you can get started on the stuff you WANT to do. The outcome of this will be feeling lighter and happier than ever before. Promise!

“You can’t run a marathon in flip flops”

To reach your goals you need to have the right equipment. The most important things you need are this journal, and your actual goals.

We’re giving you a huge discount off the journal to help you get there. If you’re serious about feeling happier with yourself and your life, this is the first step to getting there.


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