It’s never too late..

Maybe you know the answer to this, but we were all talking in the office about which actor has earnt the most money in their career.

We were thinking about Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman or possibly Tom Hanks; all actors who have been busy and have been around for a few years.

All good guesses, but the answer is Samuel L. Jackson which really surprised us. Samuel L. Jackson was a seriously late bloomer.

A lot of people would tell you 40 is too old to pursue your dream of becoming a Hollywood star. Samuel L. Jackson disagreed. And he wasn’t just a late bloomer…His path to stardom was a minefield of ordeals and setbacks. His dad was an alcoholic who abandoned the family when he was a toddler. He developed a stutter in childhood and even now has days when he stutters. And he overcame a crippling drug addiction that nearly cost him his family and his life.If you’d met Samuel L. Jackson in his late-30s, when he was an addict and bit actor…You probably wouldn’t expect him to go on to become the highest-grossing actor of all time.

But Samuel L. Jackson never wavered from the vision he had for his life.

He did the hard work of healing past trauma, improving his stutter, and getting clean.And he reaped the rewards.

Here’s the thing:If you’re anything like me, you’ve got something in your life you know you SHOULD do…

But you’ve been procrastinating, giving it a good dose of thinking about, and putting it off.Maybe it’s launching your own business…Or healing a fractured relationship… Or writing a book…I don’t know what it is.But you do.Remember, Samuel L. Jackson was in his 40s before he landed his first leading role. And now he’s the highest-grossing actor of all time.
Your dream probably isn’t to become an A-list actor.

But whatever your dream is, I can guarantee that pursuing it will have a profound impact on at least one person’s life: your own!

And who knows how that dream could impact your family, or even the world?
It’s never too late to get started.Now let’s get out there and make it a kickass 2024!

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