It’s all about you…

We’re having a bit of a review of things here at Fearless Female HQ.

You are always at the centre of what we do. The thing that motivates us the most is helping you to find the best ways to feel happier and to live life on your terms, free of anxiety.

The podcast started off as a bit of an also-ran. I recorded a couple of things and sort of ignored it; when I remembered to post something else, I couldn’t believe how many people had listened to it.

It’s now 12 months since we started the podcast and we’ve had 22,000 downloads, from all over the world.

As the podcast has been so successful, I’m going to start putting a new episode out each week. If you haven’t followed it you can do so here.

Twice a week I write emails about all kinds of different topics relating to anxiety. I try and fill these emails with useful stuff that helps. I’m not a natural writer so it can take me a while to write these emails. What I thought may be more useful is to send out a single email every week but put a bit more content in it. If you know someone who the emails may help, please send them this link.

Any of you who have followed me for a while will know that video isn’t my favourite thing.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to record more videos for social media and the emails. I know that you watch the videos because I can see how many times it’s been watched. Please keep me motivated by giving things a like.

We’re going to start work on publishing new resources for you and re-writing the website. There are some free resources on the website here.

As always, I feel incredibly honoured to be able to help you overcome anxiety and everything that runs alongside anxiety problems. A huge thank you for following me and allowing me to help you live a happier life.

Sending you all much love