Insider tips about anxiety….

Mental health awareness week 2023 is all about anxiety.

If you struggle with anxiety, I’m sure you’ll spend all week being bombarded with information about anxiety.

But let’s be honest, what you actually want to know is; how to fix anxiety, kick it to the curb, never have to think about it again, stop it controlling your life, feel like you’re free of the mind bully.

Am I right?

A quick scroll through Google will bring up all the usual suspects of; go for a walk, relaxation techniques and general self-care tips. Whilst these are all very useful, they don’t quite cut it do they?

As an anxiety-specialist psychologist, I’m giving myself a bit of pressure to step-up. Surely, after 25 years, and overcoming anxiety myself, I know some things that Dr Google won’t tell you?

Here they are……….

🌟 There are 2 main types of solutions to fight anxiety with. One of them is about getting angry and confronting anxiety, fighting it, and pushing it right out the door. The other way of shifting anxiety is about accepting it, not giving it any attention or focus. Just allowing it to be there, without feeding it any way.

🌟I always start off by showing people how to tool themselves up to fight anxiety. If this starts to work for a little while, but then seems to make it worse, the second approach will work better for you.

🌟Breathing exercises and journalling actually really help to reduce anxiety. But, you have to know and understand how to use them properly.

🌟Mindfulness has been built into a huge industry that makes it seem like a special skill you have to spend time learning and practising. Even mental health is full of marketing spin, buy yourself a simple book and have a quick read, it’s easy to do and helps. More book recommendations to follow, this week.

🌟Yes, you can overcome anxiety, it’s not something you have to live with. My previous clients and I are proof of this. Yes, when you’re under stress, you’ll feel anxious, because its normal to feel anxious, but you’ll not feel anxious on a daily basis as I suspect you do now.

🌟There are a couple of important tools to learn and use that I notice make a huge difference people. These are important to learn because they help you recognise that you can control anxiety, and this gives you confidence that you’ll overcome it.

🌟The places to make changes that matter to anxiety are what you do (behaviour) and what you think (cognitions). Changing these things are the only way to overcome anxiety for good. Everything else merely reduces the symptoms.

🌟Control has become such an unfashionable word that nobody uses it anymore. You can’t begin to unlock anxiety without discussing control. Anyone who runs anxiety will have issues with control. Anxiety is our brains attempt to control a world we feel is out of our control. Unfortunately, control of anything, other than ourselves is an impossible task.

🌟You will have beliefs about anxiety and some of them will be faulty and helping to feed the anxiety.

If you need a complete description of all the steps to take to overcome anxiety, that includes all my special tips and tricks, my overcoming worry and anxiety workbook is everything you need.


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