An inside view of what’s really happening…

So here’s the problem with what you’re struggling with……..

You may think that the actual problem is about control. So, you get busy trying to control what happens around you:

  • You avoid going to places where you may feel uncomfortable
  • You avoid being around people you’re not sure like you
  • You sometimes doubt decisions you have made and ask yourself ‘what if?’
  • Security is one your main life goals
You may not yet have realised that you have absolutely NO control over anything or anyone around you, you can only control what happens inside of you.

The secret to feeling in-control of your world and more importantly your happiness relies on this simple statement…….

Never react, always respond.

You can’t stop stuff happening, but you can control how you deal with it. By learning how to react rather than respond, you’ll never have to avoid or feel uncomfortable again and decisions you make will always be the best ones.
To change a reaction to a response, you have to learn (and practice) how to let your rational mind rather than your emotional mind be in charge.

Take control of your week.