How to unlock anxiety.

The first step to overcoming anxiety is to understand how you run it. 

Anxiety always has similar rules, but it’s important to understand what you typically do. Have a look at the example below, does this look familiar to you?

Overcoming anxiety is all about the detail. To understand the detail, I split it into the following:


What was happening at the time you felt anxious, who were you with, and what was happening?

Thoughts (and or images)

What were you thinking at the time. What did those thoughts mean to you?

Emotions (feelings)  

What were you feeling at the time and out of 100% how intense were those feelings?


What did you do at the time about it, did you avoid doing something, how did you cope?

Physical sensations

How did you feel in your body, did you have any physical sensations?

This is the anxious loop you get stuck in, because one box automatically leads to other boxes. 

The picture above is an example about driving, but the same applies to any kind of anxiety, in any kind of situation.

Understanding what loops you get stuck in, gives you the information to do things differently.

More on this to come.

Huge thanks to my client for allowing me to use this image.