How to actually sleep better…

Do you struggle to sleep at night?

A quick google around sleep problems will bring up a list of practical things you can try. I’m not going to waste your time repeating things you can easily find on the web. I’ve done training in sleep problems and helped many people over the years, and this is what I know about sleeping problems.

The first thing to know about sleep is that it’s all about routines and rhythms. Once you disrupt sleep routines, it’s hard work to get them back. The sleep foundation is a free resource that will give you all the information you need to reset your circadian rhythm:


Once you’re armed with how to reset your sleep clock, you need to address the main problem that causes sleep problems…..your mind.

Regardless of whether you struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep or both, I guarantee that this is your main issue. 

Your mind will be doing 2 problematic things:

It will be behaving like a total drama queen and telling you how dreadful this sleep thing is and that you’ll never sort it out.  That you’ll struggle to function, and things will go from bad to worse.  The reality is that you can function on very little sleep and that you’ll get to the point when you’re so tired that you’ll get to sleep easily, stay asleep and reset your sleep pattern…result.

It will be treating the time you want to sleep, as open season for trying to get you to overthink everything. There are specific things you can do to stop overthinking that are really effective.  Have a look at my download, which breaks this down into easy steps, so you can take control of your mind and get some sleep.

Wishing you all sweet dreams.