How to have hope…

How are you feeling?

It’s particularly tough if you already have stuff going on to feel anything but stuck. When I speak to clients who are stuck, I know that the first thing I need to do is to ‘unstick’ them.

Being stuck usually means that they can’t imagine a future. And they definitely can’t imagine a future that’s happy. I notice this by examining the detail of what they say and what they do.

The sort of behaviour that will keep you stuck is repetitive. Groundhog Day is my way of describing the repetition of the same day, and doing the same thing, over and over. But with the hope that things will get better.

Being stuck is about repeating the same negative thoughts over and over in your brain, but with the hope that you’ll start to feel better.

Sometimes, clients don’t have that hope, so that’s where we start. The start of any change is with hope.

How to have hope

Here are my top 5 ways to be more hopeful (even in the face of hopelessness);

Reassess the situation

When we’re under stress and feel hopeless, we all filter things negatively. Take a step back and try and see things through somebody else’s eyes.


Not everything will be as negative as you think. Write a list of things you’re grateful for, no matter how small.

Be honest

Be honest with yourself about how things really are and what you might be doing that maintains the hopelessness.

Look to others

People love to help, so no, you won’t be bothering them. Ask for help and support, you’ll be surprised about how positively people respond.

Hope is such an essential part of change and happiness; I’m working on a new download to help you increase hope (even if you don’t think it’s a problem). Keep an eye out on my social media and website for when this is available. I promise it’s a game changer.