How to get a good nights sleep…


An active day leads to a restful night.

We live on a planet that rotates around the sun and every bit of our biology is designed around this day-night cycle or ‘circadian rhythm’.

Our bodies have a number of in-built clocks that control everything from reaction speed and body temperature to the timing of sleep.

One of the most important circadian rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle. Humans are designed for daytime activity and night-time sleep.

The simplest way to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep is to be awake and active during the day. Daytime exercise, both physical and mental, promotes good sleep.

It’s also essential to get adequate exposure to natural light during the day as we’re designed to be awake when it’s light and asleep when it’s dark and light is the primary signal to the brain that it’s time to be awake.