How much joy do you have in your life?

“Watching the weeks pass by and not being able to bookmark anything special happening.”

Some sentences have such power, they stay with me, a bit like that song that gets stuck in your head. When I’m writing notes as I talk to a client, I write ‘life without joy,’ because this is exactly what you’re telling me.

This is one of the problems with anxiety, it saps all the joy out of life. If your anxiety is at a low level, you may feel it’s manageable and doesn’t impinge on your life, but I know you’ll be living life with the handbrake on.

Missing the odd social thing because you don’t quite feel in the zone; staying in because you’ve got nothing to wear; not going for that walk because the weather’s so awful.

I see you sitting on that sofa night after night, making excuses to not live your life.

Sure, you tell yourself it’s about putting weight on, or the weather being so awful, but let’s be honest, this is about fear.

The fear of being judged negatively, the fear of being rejected, or possibly the fear of not feeling good enough. You may not feel actively anxious, but anxiety is all about fear.

So, you stop living, and doing all the little things that bring you joy. At some point you realise your life is passing before you and you’re not too sure what it’s all about.

But you’re comfortable aren’t you; nice and comfy sat on that sofa in your jammies.

Ask yourself if you’ll still feel comfortable at your 80th birthday talking about how your life was, and reflecting back over the years. Just imagine for a moment what you’d say.

If you don’t like how it sounds, and it wasn’t about all the things that bring you joy, are you going to make some changes?