How anxiety attaches itself to you….it’s host.

Strange what goes through my mind……………I was giving the dogs, cats, and horses their flea and worm treatments this morning, and it made me think about anxiety.

Anxiety is like a parasite, looking to attach itself to any host. The host being you, but also any thought you may have, about anything that anxiety can turn into an issue……

Did I definitely lock the door this morning turns into the mind-movie of returning home to find your house has been emptied of every single possession.

That message seemed a bit short, I’ve definitely done something to upset them.

Even doctors get it wrong, it’s definitely terminal, how on earth will the kids cope?

Anxiety isn’t fussy about what or who it attaches to, so long as it can get nice and comfortable creating maximum destruction to your life and happiness.

With any parasite, you can’t just treat the bit you can see. I know lots of other people claiming to treat anxiety, who show you how to turn the volume down a bit on anxiety. A clumsy, often-cited prescription, of a bit of mindfulness together with more exercise, and better diet will help you feel better temporarily, but will result in the parasite turning up somewhere else.

Unless you show people how to overcome anxiety entirely, taking the edge off things will always mean that anxiety pops up somewhere else.