Health Anxiety Secrets…

If you ask Google about health anxiety, you’ll be met with huge amounts of information. I always think this is great for learning more about what exactly health anxiety is but pretty rubbish if you’re looking for solutions.

An attempt at looking for solutions will come up with things like mindfulness, take more walks and ask your G.P. All very valid, but not much help.

The truth is that out of all the different types of anxiety, health anxiety can sometimes be tricky. Stay hopeful because tricky does not mean impossible! If you’ve had a Google, you’ll notice that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is mentioned lots. This is because CBT is the best way to overcome all types of anxiety, and why I base all of my treatment plans around CBT. I base my treatment plans around CBT because I think CBT alone is not the gold standard of treatment.

CBT is great, actually it’s a really fantastic tool, but 25 years of using it, tells me there are other things to add that make all the difference to beating health anxiety (or any other anxiety).

Put simply, in health anxiety, you misinterpret symptoms and overestimate danger, which also seems really sensible. We’re surrounded by information telling us to get things checked out, ‘just in case,’ which is one of the difficult things about health anxiety. Checking things out seems to be the best course of action, but I also know that all the things you feel may be about being careful, could in fact be making the anxiety worse.

I’m spending the summer writing more workbooks for you, one of which will be health anxiety. The workbooks are the gold standard for anxiety, they’re the ultimate solution. Each workbook walks you through exactly how to overcome anxiety (for good) and takes you through things, step by step. Please don’t confuse the workbooks with so much stuff you see out there on the internet, or books that are merely descriptions of anxiety. The workbooks are solutions.