Have you got a ‘thing’?

I often notice when people have a ‘thing’ that stops them living life and being happy.

These things can be really traumatic and/or debilitating.

In no way am I minimising your thing. I hear the most horrific things happening to people and I recognise the horror of living with chronic problems.

  • The unexpected death of a loved one
  • The constant seep of overwhelming depression or anxiety
  • Accident or illness either to yourself or others
  • Financial crisis and loss

These are some of the problems I support people with daily.

As soon as people start to feel better, it’s usually the last I see of them, which is great.

My work is kinda weird because I know it’s better when I don’t see people; as lovely as it always is to see people, I know there’s a problem when I do.

But here’s the thing…………

People go off and feel like they can live their life in a better way but continue to carry the thing with them.

  • They avoid taking any risk in life in case the anxiety comes back, or they lose it all again
  • They never stay still enough for the depression to tap them on the shoulder
  • Despite beating the illness, they continue to see themselves as more fragile
  • They never allow themselves to be vulnerable in love again, just in case

Trouble is, life has a way of sending us a bit of a curve ball, regardless of how we live.

Some people are lucky enough to (seemingly) float through life without too much happening; others tend to lurch from crisis to crisis. We don’t have much control over what life sends us, sometimes it simply turns up.

Have you a thing that’s stopping you from living life at full tilt?

In over 25 years of noticing this, I can promise you this; never have I seen living life with the handbrake on keep you safe from things happening. The only outcome of wearing this thing you’ve experienced like a badge of honour does, is to stop you from being happy and living a life well-lived.

Lots of love and positivity from the person who specialises in helping remove ‘things.’