Fright Night


It’s difficult not to notice all the Halloween stuff in the shops which seems to increase every year. I spotted banners for sale in the supermarket with ‘fright night’ on them which made me think about our fascination with fear.

Although I work with all sorts of problems, I’m particularly known for working with anxiety. Anxiety has become such an everyday word that it’s somehow distanced itself as being about fear. Anxiety is a description of something we’re afraid of, that hasn’t happened yet. A fear that we’ve forecasted in our mind that may (or may not) happen.

Because that’s the thing we fear most isn’t it, the fear of all the stuff that hasn’t happened, but could.

The scariest Halloween or horror films are the ones that provoke the unknown, the possibility of, or the could be’s.

This is exactly the way the human brain works in everyday life.

The things we fear the most are the things that haven’t happened yet, but we run through our minds that often, and that vividly, we feel the fear as strongly as if it’s happening in the moment.