FREE Chapter from my Anxiety Workbook…

To celebrate the launch of my Overcoming Anxiety Workbook on Amazon, I wanted to give you one of the chapters for FREE.

I thought you may want to have a read of Chapter 2 which is all about how to stop overthinking and worrying.

This is what you can have (for free):

  • Understanding how and why you overthink and worry.
  • Getting to grips with what your overthinking is actually about. An exercise helps you understand exactly what you do and the focus of your fears.
  • How the overthinking spiral works and what you’re doing to maintain it.
  • Find out if your worry and overthinking is at a problematic stage.
  • Understand what your main overthinking triggers are so you can stop them. There’s an exercise to help you do this.
  • Challenging positive beliefs about worrying. There’s an exercise to find out how much of your overthinking is solving problems.
  • Challenging negative beliefs about worrying. This is an exercise to find out how much overthinking and worrying is becoming a danger to your health.
  • My mental toolbox strategies to stop overthinking and worrying.
  • A summary of exactly what to do next, and how to use this chapter to actually make a difference.


By reading this chapter and doing the exercises, you’ll be able to turn the volume down a little on your anxiety and fear.

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If you practise the things this chapter will teach you, daily, I promise you’ll have taken the first step to overcoming anxiety for good and becoming the Fearless Female I know you can be.

Just imagine what you’ll be able to do after working through the other 9 chapters in the Fearless Female Workbook:

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