Eat your frog….


After 25 years, I often notice similarities in my clients.

Many of them with anxiety, struggle with procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and hit roadblocks around the difficult stuff in life.

There’s a simple technique that helps to overcome all of this called eating the frog.

Eating the frog was first written about by Mark Twain (I think?) but is still just as relevant today because it’s about human psychology, which doesn’t change.

It’s a fact of psychology that we overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and underestimate what we can accomplish in a year. If you’re anything like most, you’ll spend days running round like a headless chicken but wondering what you’ve actually achieved.

So how do we make consistent progress towards our goals without drowning in overly optimistic to-do lists?

If it’s part of your job to eat a frog, do it as your very first thing in the morning.

  • Find your frog (possibly the night before)
  • Eat your frog as soon as possible in the day
  • Repeat daily


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