Congratulations, for downloading the secret to your future happiness.

You’ve just overcome the first hurdle by recognising that you’re not feeling the way you wish you could or living life in the way you’d like to.

The 60 seconds you spend reading this page gives you the details of the complete solution to living a happier life.

Whatever is stopping you from feeling and living life on your terms, the next step is to find out exactly what and how to move things forward. 

Like any journey, you need a roadmap. Running this exercise will break down what you need into small steps and map out exactly what you must do and how.

You can”t run a marathon in flip flops. To reach your goals you need the right equipment.

With every one of the 6 steps in the roadmap, you’ll be a step nearer to reaching your goals. The 6 steps are the right way to map and plan how to find happiness and peace of mind, whatever your struggles may be.

The 6 steps are:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Action planning
  3. Identifying obstacles
  4. Overcoming obstacles
  5. Maintaining motivation
  6. Review

To get started read through each of the steps and follow the instructions so that you can start to design your route to happiness.


Action framework

To make the difference between taking action and making a start, but never quite getting there, the Action Framework is essential. Run through this carefully.

These 3 action points are the things that make the difference. They are 3 simple questions that we call the action framework, but they make the difference. 

Supercharge your happiness

The Supercharging Happiness questions will ensure that you stay on track and stay motivated. It’s so easy to want to change something, but then, to let life get in your way.

The 6 Steps to Happiness, together with the Action Framework and the Supercharging Happiness exercises will make all the difference to this being just another thing……..and actually finding a solution to:

  • How to feel really happy, so you wake up feeling excited about the day and what it may bring.
  • How to end that feeling of anxious dread, as if you’re constantly waiting for the worst possible thing to happen
  • How to feel at peace rather than constantly overthinking
  • How to make great decisions and solve problems easily and without worrying
  • How to feel confident, calm and in-control
  • How to find bags of energy and positive focus so you’re not feeling low and stuck anymore


To stay on track and see how well you’re doing, the Fearless Female journal is exactly what other women tell me is essential………

The Fearless Female Journal is the perfect tool to put you firmly on the pathway and get you to the goal of ultimate happiness. This is the only sure-fire way to be certain of making the changes you need.

Buying the Fearless Female journal, together with the 6 steps, the Action Framework and the Supercharging Happiness, you have the complete framework and roadmap to reaching your goals.

And it’s easy.

I’ve written the journal so it’s exactly like I’m taking your hand, and guiding you step by step and explaining what to do.

And it’s fast. Nobody has time to spare so the journal has been designed to take up just 5 minutes of your day. You can start whenever and go as fast or as slowly as you like.

The science bit………

I’m a psychologist, so everything I do is based on science and research. I use things that are backed by science, but thousands of my high-profile clients, tell me they work.

The journal is so much more than any journal you may have seen before. In fact, we need to stop calling it a journal because we’re not giving it the star billing it deserves.

Although it only takes 5 minutes a day, the questions you answer are based on something called change and motivational theory. 

This is the secret sauce I use with my celebrity clients, and I’ve built my practice on.

Not only that, every week, there’s a quick exercise to do that is designed to get your brain thinking in different ways. Each exercise builds on the previous one, until you get to your goal.

So finally, I’m giving away my secret sauce, the thing that guarantees success and happiness.

And if you’re ready to overcome anxiety for good, I’ve written a workbook which gives you everything you need to finally beat it.

As an anxiety specialist psychologist, I’ll give you the inside track on everything that actually works. You’ll be free of anxiety more quickly than you think.

You can purchase the Journal and Workbook over on the Fearless Female store.