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I know many women out there at the moment are struggling with anxiety and a feeling that your life’s going to ruin.

This 2-minute read will show you that YOU ARE UNDERSTOOD, you’re not losing the plot and what you can do right now to put an end to it. There’s so much stuff out there about how ‘we’re all struggling to cope’ and that ‘we’re all in this together……..’ But I suspect hearing this all the time isn’t helping, and you’re definitely feeling alone in all of this. Constantly checking for symptoms, using Dr Google to find out more stuff than most medics know, whilst worrying where on earth you’re going to get a face mask from? Trying to occupy the kids, not scream at your significant other, find out exactly what furlough is all about, avoid watching the death rate go up and wondering if this is just in fact, the end? And that’s all on top of being anxious about finances and how the kids will cope if you get this thing and end up being carted off in an ambulance. Maybe anxiety and worry are familiar foes or maybe this has all been triggered recently? What I do know is that at this current moment in time, you feel like you’re either going to spontaneously combust or just lose the will to live.

So, like many women at the moment, you just try to hold it all together and carry on, carrying on.

Keeping it all running, putting on a brave face and just doing your upmost to make the best of things. But that anxiety and worry is just wearing you down. Not only the constant fear and worry spinning round and round on a loop in your brain, but the exhaustion of it all.
The exhaustion of all the ‘what if’ thoughts, that are always worst-case scenario.
The exhaustion of telling everyone it’ll be fine, when really, you’re sure it won’t be.
The exhaustion of trying to keep everyone safe.
The exhaustion of just doing what you have to get done every day.

Maybe some days are better than others?

I understand that sometimes you may feel absolutely fine and able to cope. Anxiety and worry are like that. You just get to the point when finally, you’re going to do something about this stress, worry and anxiety that plagues you, and suddenly you feel a bit better. But, if you’re honest with yourself, you never really get to the point where you feel happy, truly happy and care-free, do you? The problem with worry, anxiety and stress (call it what you will), is that it just waits for you round the corner, ready to pounce.

Is it about time you found ways to feel free of worry and anxiety, and happy again?

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life helping women just like you be free of worry, stress and anxiety. I’m always learning, but think I’ve got all the right ingredients to get you where you want to be, as quickly and easily as possible. I’ve put together a booklet that contains lots of really useful things you can do to feel better, to feel calmer, more in control and more realistic about how things are going to be. This is not a tick-box exercise of stuff you’ve seen hundreds of times on the internet. This booklet contains helpful exercises and things that you can actually do, written by an anxiety specialist psychologist.

I’m doing my bit to help people get through this, so it’s FREE… Yup, absolutely free.

To be able to download it, all you have to do is use your name and email address to open it. Once you’ve downloaded it, take some time to read and do the exercises. I promise you, taking time to complete the exercises and suggestions will really help you to feel better. Let me help you find a way forwards, out of the worry, stress and anxiety you’re feeling. You will emerge on the other side of these difficult times, as the best version of yourself; feeling confident, capable and calm, ready to take the world on. Are you ready to become a Fearless Female?

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