Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step towards a Relaxed and enjoyable christmas 

Watch my short video where I walk you through how to use the Free Christmas Overwhelm Help card. Download it and join my anxiety support group on Facebook which is currently free to join. 

 Let’s start this journey…

Step 1: Purchase my Guide to overcoming christmas overwhelm

The thing we all want, is to find a way to enjoy Christmas, feel rested and start the New Year feeling fully charged and ready to go. For more hints, tips and resources for a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas and New year download my guide to overcoming Christmas overwhelm.

The guide includes a series of 3 short videos, that will show you exactly how to:

  • Not feel totally overwhelmed by the stress of Christmas
  • How to prioritise the things that wil make Christmas a happy time and offload the things that really don’t matter
  • How to make the right decisions about Christmas
  • How to not find yourself saying yes, when you’d really like to say no
  • How to only do the things you want to do and ‘nicely’ side-step the things you son’t want to
  • How to fit everything in AND get the rest and relaxation you desperately need
  • How to start 2024 feeling like you’ve had a great Christmas and are ready to have the best year yet


Along with the 3 videos you will receive 2 resources to download to accompany them which I talk through on the videos along with completed examples.

Step 2: Join the Facebook Group

If you think it would be helpful to be around like minded women who are on this journey and suffering from worry and anxiety, though are committed to becoming a Fearless Female, then join my Fearless Female, Anxiety Support Facebook group, which is currently free to join. The group is a safe, private space for Fearless Females to support and help each other.