I’m having a bit of a confidence wobble…

I’ve been having a bit of a confidence wobble. It’s not approaching anxiety, but it’s definitely a bit of a wobble.

One of the problems of being so independent is that the buck stops with me. I’m solely responsible for my world and have to pick up the pieces if things go wrong.
I’ve been letting all of these thoughts get in my head a bit. As any of you who follow me on social media will know, I’ve got a new horse called Mozart. Mozart is young and I’m not young anymore. I no longer bounce, I’m at an age where I splat if I fall off.
I realised I was running ‘safety behaviour’ by preferring to do more groundwork with Mozart, rather than getting onboard. It seems perfectly sensible at the time………
  • I’m much safer on the ground
  • I can’t get hurt on the ground
  • I won’t have my house repossessed if I’m on the ground
  • I won’t have life changing injuries if I stay on the ground

Can you see how quickly my mind went from 0 – 100 in a split second?

From being careful, to losing everything in the blink of an eye.
That’s how anxiety and catastrophy thinking works. It starts at reasonable and sensible and quickly escalates to the ridiculous. At the time, it never seems out of proportion, it seems entirely sensible.

I’m wondering how many of you do this?

It doesn’t matter how many people I solve this for, it’s difficult to do for yourself. In truth, I was becoming a bit stuck with it. I was updating the help now cards and re-writing the common thinking errors card when it hit me………..
I should use the help now cards to get me back on board without thinking the world will end.
I’m taking small steps but I’m well and truly back on board and building my confidence every day.
I’m wondering if I should write myself a glowing testimonial? 🤣