Confession time..

All this facing your fears, kicking anxiety to the kerb, putting your brave pants on kinda stuff used to make me feel overwhelmingly anxious and send me running for cover.

Like huge, serious, shrinking my world, everything’s a problem kind of anxiety.


Because when you know and have experienced that terrifying, stomach churning dread that hits you as soon as you open your eyes, you totally get why facing your fear is the last thing you can even think about, let alone do.

Jumping out of bed and putting your brave pants on, feels about the same as hosting a party in high school; You’re all, “will anyone show up? Will people laugh at my new dress? Will everyone laugh at me?

Except in adulting, it’s more like:

“I’m too anxious to do that, I’m going to avoid doing that, and that’s just not me.”

Sure, sometimes it seems like an endless round of avoiding (everything) and playing it so safe, you miss out on life.

But I mean, of course, you can always buy yourself a new self-help book that tells you all about anxiety (again).

Or download one of those relaxation thingy’s that makes you relaxed enough to remember all the things you forgot to do.

Or hey, you could bring out the big guns and ask your GP for another prescription, that ends up in the back of the drawer with the other one.

But until you’ve got the right mix of ingredients, the secret solutions, you’ll run round and round this loop, time and time again.

Because the only magic to overcoming anxiety is to find out about all the little changes you can make, quickly and easily, and understanding which ones work for you.

And because I can’t stand the thought of you lying awake, staring at the ceiling, overthinking your overthinking, and trying to decide exactly what you must do to face the fear, and will you ever be able to get those brave-pants on………

I’ve written everything down in steps. That’s right, in tiny, little steps, for you to follow.



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