Clever solutions you won’t find anywhere else…

Have you ever watched Derren Brown on the telly?

He uses elements of psychology and how our brains work in very clever ways. As a psychologist, I use the same knowledge of the brain to help people overcome anxiety.

One of things Derren does is to cue the brain up to filter specific things in, and everything else out. He may want you to only notice blue things, so he’ll cue your brain up by telling you to notice blue things, and only the blue things, in the room.

If you try this, you’ll notice that your eyes automatically pick up on anything blue, and your brain only registers blue things.

This is how you train your brain

When you struggle with anxiety, your brain will be trained to only allow things in that cue anxiety.

Use this information to notice what you allow in, and what you filter out. Possibly you apply negative focus as you go about your day. What I suspect you will do (if you run anxiety) is to notice all the problematic things, or anything that could become a problem.

If you realise you do this, when you catch yourself doing it, balance the negative up with noticing something positive. It may go something like this……..

“I think she avoided me on purpose, I wonder what I’ve done”

Balanced up it could be; “she looks a million miles away, I hope she’s ok”

Keep practicing this, and I promise you’ll feel sooooo much better.