Can you help?

I was beyond excited when my Overcoming Anxiety workbook hit the number one Amazon Kindle download for both mental health and psychology.

Writing the book was a real labour of love, especially when my life is so busy, and I type soooo slowly. I wrote the book as a practical, dot to dot, step by step way to overcome anxiety. It walks you through the same steps that I’d take you through, if you were sat on the sofa in my office. At a fraction of the price.

But now, I need your help………..

If you downloaded the book (and liked it), it would be fantastic if you could leave me a review. When Amazon agrees to publish your book, you become part of the dark and mysterious world of Amazon. Apparently, it’s all about algorithms (I have no clue, either!). Amazon sets the price and will randomly offer deals, all based on the algorithm. The more reviews I get, and the more that are downloaded, the lower the price is. I still get the same commission from Amazon; they just decrease the price. This way, everyone wins, except Amazon, who I think are doing ok.

If you downloaded it, and there are things you didn’t like, tell me, by dropping me an email. I’m always up for feedback to change and improve.

The link to leave a review is here: