Be more Jane…

I heard a client say this recently and it stuck in my mind.

I often see certain behaviours that clients do amazingly well.

Like a superpower, some people have some skills or behaviours that are incredible.

When I’m building a plan of how to help people change whatever they’re struggling with, finding their superpower is essential. I can help them employ their superpower in a way that changes the way they think or do things.

Let me give you an example:

Jane’s life was being destroyed by continual panic attacks. I noticed that Jane was incredibly analytical and spotted the tiniest of details; her focus was incredible. We worked on equipping Jane with tools that could stop her panic getting hold of her. But, this all depends on noticing the teeny, tiny little signals that Jane would need to spot as  panic approaches.

Jane used her attention to detail, superpower to notice the smallest signs that panic was approaching, deployed the techniques we had practiced, and was able to stop panic in it’s tracks.

Jane realised she could completely control the panic.

Everyone has a superpower. It’s all about using that superpower to work for you rather than against you.

What is your superpower?