FREE Panic Attack Disorder Chapter…

I’m busily working away at creating different workbooks for the specific types of anxiety. When we asked, you said that you’d like specific help with panic attacks. This first chapter tells you in detail all about panic attacks so that you can decide if this is exactly what’s happening for you. There may be some […]

Instant ways to reduce anxiety

When anxiety strikes and you feel totally overwhelmed and stuck and unable to get on with your day, what can you do? Here are some instant ways you can reduce your anxiety: 👉 Breathe.  One of the best things you can do when you start to feel that familiar panicky feeling is to breathe. Learn a breathing technique that works […]

Can you help?

I was beyond excited when my Overcoming Anxiety workbook hit the number one Amazon Kindle download for both mental health and psychology. Writing the book was a real labour of love, especially when my life is so busy, and I type soooo slowly. I wrote the book as a practical, dot to dot, step by […]

Advice about OCD that may surprise you…

Have you noticed that not many people seem to talk about OCD? Yes, there are people on social media that talk about it, but not as many as you’d expect. I often wonder if it’s because the ‘influencers’ aren’t trained psychologists and OCD can be trickier and more complicated to overcome. But you can definitely […]

Too good to be true?

Usually, when something feels a bit too good to be true, there’s a catch. There’s a thing you have to do, that takes ages, and is really complicated; you have to invite lots of friends and get them to do something. You know what I mean……..there’s stuff that needs doing. And if you’re anything like […]

What relationships are important to you?

I’m not a huge fan of valentine’s day. If your significant other only tells you once a year (on valentine’s day) how they feel about you, and how much you mean to them, it’s time to reassess things. It also puts huge pressure on people who are not in a relationship. You only have to […]

Secrets to changing the way you think and feel..

I’m not sure that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is much of a secret, but what it will do is challenge the way you think about things. The theory behind CBT is based on the fact that our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviour are all connected. If we think we’ll feel really nervous, you definitely […]

Are you anxious about driving?

If you feel anxious about driving, did the snow the other week make things worse? Many people have anxiety around driving. It could be that you’re perfectly happy in familiar places but feel that you could never drive on a motorway or through a town; it may be that you’re an anxious driver in all […]

Is it physical or psychological?

So many people confuse physical symptoms with emotional or psychological ones. A sleeping problem can be depression, but it’s easier to tell yourself (and others) that you struggle with insomnia. Hands up who’s thought constant fatigue was the symptom of a health problem rather than stress or anxiety? Maybe the constant headaches are symptoms of […]

Practical steps to overcome worry…

Worry is perfectly normal and we all do it. The problem is that worry can quickly get out of hand and become torturous. Overthinking or worry actually has its own mental health classification and is called generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). The problem with worry is that it’s usually based on worst-case-scenario; your brain lies to […]