Are you shy or anxious?

Social anxiety is one of the least discussed types of anxiety.

I’m never sure if this is because it gets called shyness rather than anxiety.

Having social anxiety means you’re somebody who’s less likely to share thoughts with others (for fear of being judged).

Somehow social anxiety is never in the media or talked about in the same way as other types of anxiety.

Social anxiety always seems so personal, it’s discussing how we really feel about ourselves, which is the toughest topic, ever.

I find myself feeling like I’m chewing wasps when I hear that the NHS allocate social anxiety sufferers to a group, surely the ultimate irony.

Social anxiety works in the same way as other types of anxiety;How anxious you feel and what triggers anxiety, is different for everyone.

Sometimes social anxiety may feel like you’re someone who hates public speaking.

Sometimes social anxiety feels like you’re someone who hates crowds.

Sometimes social anxiety may be confused with shyness or lack of confidence.

Social anxiety often walks hand-in-hand with low mood and low self-esteem, particularly when it’s confused with something else.

The first step is to recognise social anxiety, the second step to feeling confident and loved is to find the right ways to overcome it.