Are you in control?

I can’t swim very well. I can swim, but i’m not a very strong swimmer. Because I work with fear and anxiety, I feel it’s important to challenge myself and keep my own mindset tip-top.

Every year, I do something that challenges me, although Covid has delayed that slightly. 

A couple of years ago, I took myself off to do some coasteering and jumping off high rocks into the Irish sea. It’s a tall order for someone who isn’t a strong swimmer.

Watching the recent Wim Hoff series on the telly, I was reminded about how it feels to stand facing a challenge whilst feeling terrified and wondering what on earth you’re doing?

A client asked me how jumping into cold water can make a difference?

It’s all about mindset and boundaries. It’s easy to live your life in a safe way and that’s what most of us do. The problem with living in a ‘safe’ way is that we can become too safe, and our world can shrink too much. If we’ve been through a tough time, it’s normal to react by reducing our boundaries, but it’s important to be able to push them wide again.

Doing something that scares you a little, reminds you that you can control your mindset and build confidence. Jumping off rocks into the sea and into frozen water is a huge ask, but also brings huge rewards.

My default setting is to keep my world safe. I’ve run a business, and a 30-acre farm on my own for the last 17 years. It’s important that I stay safe in all senses of the word because the buck stops with me. I can’t afford to be physically or psychologically ‘under the weather’ or everything goes to s##t and I can’t pay the mortgage.

I do something every year that pushes my boundaries wide, and this helps me to feel positive, confident, in-control and most importantly, happy.

Ask yourself these questions;

    1. Are you living life on your terms?
    2. Are you deliberately keeping your world safe?
    3. Are you in-control of yourself?